Die Rückkehr des Werwolfs

When JFN was forced into exile in late 1999, and DMD refused to carry on with Absurd despite the explicit wish of JFN, it was up to Wolf to take care of the band not only in his former role as “manager” but now as vocalist too. With the approval of JFN, he reformed the Absurd line-up in 2001 and together with Unhold he went to the studio recording “Werwolfthron” – a comeback album featuring songs and lyrics originally written by DMD and JFN in the 1990ties. Many of the songs later to be found on “Werwolfthron” were supposed to be recorded for “Facta Loquuntur” in the first place, hence it is safe to say both records belong together like the two sides of the same coin.

The album title was an idea of Rob Darken, who kindly gave permission to Absurd to use it instead. Now “Werwolfthron” is made available on digipak format.

ABSURD – Werwolfthron (2001 / 2023)