V/A “Tribute to ABSURD” LP / INFERNUS ZINE – The Ultimate Blasphemy HARDCOVER BOOK

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V/A “Tribute to ABSURD” LP /INFERNUS ZINE – The Ultimate Blasphemy HARDCOVER BOOK

Spearheaded by mighty JFN, the tyrant of German black metal is back again! So, there is no better timing to announce this massive release that has been in the work since 2014: The official vinyl release of Tribute album to ABSURD, the undisputable TYRANTS OF GERMAN BLACK METAL!

In the J-CARD of original cassette version release back in 1999, it reads “Originally the tribute was planned in a drunken night to be the tribute of a small circle of individuals bonded by true friendship. The later planned extended and more professional version seems to fail through polish passivity. Maybe it will appear later. At least here finally is a version to satisfy the demand for a tribute to The Ones…..”

So here you have, a long overdue, and truly professional vinyl release of this legendary tribute album. Organized and released by German label Silencelike Death Productions, owned/operated by Richard Neu (Siren, Lestat, Wolfsburg, Nidhöggsburg), it is the only tribute to Absurd that supported AND participated by the band themselves, it feature some of the most notorious names from era 90’s hateful black metal underground.

The tribute album features Absurd classic covered by band such as Fluch Der Zerstorung, Heldentum, Grabesmond, Wolfsburg, Lestat ,the true Frost, Beltane, Bilskirnir, Heretic, Aryan Blood, Welter, Abyssic Hate, as well as 2 never before released tracks from the Tyrants themselves. Total 15 tracks, with each one intro-ed by an excerpt from documentary movie that related to the infamous murder case.

The LP is pressed on 180g heavy vinyl, comes with a brand new artwork penned by renowned black metal artist Agustin Romero Alemsahim, in professional jacket with OBI.

Each copy also accomplishes with a huge 230 pages of hard cover book in the highest quality, compiles all 4 issues of INFERNUS ZINE, co-edited by JFN in early 90’s. The true relic from the long forgotten past, a past that black metal underground is about DEATH, SATAN AND DARKNESS. The cover of the 2nd issue, probably the most prominent icon of 90’s European Satanic Underground, a triumphant depiction of the JFN and DMD, two tyrants proudly tramped on a Christian tomb stone, a glorious and eternal moment.

The content of issues including:

ISSUE #1: Ancient Rites, Ungod, Dreaded Instinct, Dysenterie, Black Crucifixion, Absurd, Vivisection, Flotsam and Jetsam, Mr.Randall Flagg (The Mighty Messiah), Mayhem, Horror Book/Horror Movie, LP/TAPE review, plus more
ISSUE #2: Burzum, Poison, Dawnfall, Diabolical Art, OND, Coven of the Worm, Impaled Nazarene, Bethlehem, Martyrium, Pagan Rites, Denial of God, Eminenz, Opferblut, Obscure, North, Nema, Inverted Pentagram, Brisen(Ex-Dungeon), Occult, Gorgoroth, LP/TAPE/ZINE review, plus more
ISSUE #3: Dark Throne, Sorhin, Fjell, Abigor, Pseudomonarchia Daemonium, Horde of Hagalaz, Darkness Enshround, Urfeuer, Pavor, Imperator Music, Burzum, Morke (Ger), Naked Whipper, Nastrond 666, Perished, Infernum (Pol), North. My Infinite Kingdom, Behemoth, Abyssic Hate, Frozen Souls, Satyricon, Apokryphus, Dark Funeral, Morbid Angel, Tumulus, LP/TAPE review, plus more
ISSUE #4: Aghast, Burzum, Covenant, Cruciamentum, Dimmu Borgir, Faust, Forgotten Woods, Gehenna, Immortal, In the Woods, Mayhem, Mortiis, Strid, LP/TAPE review, plus more
Also, there are 20 full colored pages of clips of news paper/magazine coverage about the murder case in the 90′.

This book is a completely underground project, the pages are scanned from best existing pages, and carefully restored by a masterful expert. However, keep in mind the time that these lost pages has endured, so don’t expect a commercial book project, these pages are made in 90 through an ancient craft skill called cut and paste.

Source: Psychedelic Lotus Order/goatowarex