Carelian Pagan Madness

On this very day fifteen years ago, February 1st 2008, Absurd have travelled to Finland for the first time ever. The band joined the infamous “Carelian Pagan Madness”-mini tour organized by Furore Finnum as headliner, taking place in Tampere and Turku respectively. The other bands performing were Der Stürmer, Satanic Warmaster, and Goatmoon (Turku only).

At the end of the concert, long-time fan and friend Niklas G. from Sweden joined Absurd on stage for guest vocals in our classic song “Gates of Heaven”. Later in the same year he would contribute his vocals to the “Gates of Heaven” – bonus song that was added to the vinyl edition of “Der fünfzehnjährige Krieg”.

“Gates of Heaven” feat. Niklas G.

It was an amazing night that even made the news on the Finnish national TV; and in 2015, four songs of this concert were released on the “Live & Raw in the North” – 7″EP, the only official live record by Absurd prior to the recently released “Berserks of the Asgardsrei”-SplitEP with Evil.

Poster for the “Carelian Pagan Madness”-tour 2008