Our Journey to the Kyffhäuserreich

One of our upcoming releases will be a return to the past. After the release of “Asgardsrei” in 1999, Absurd wanted to create a split release with Heldentum: “Kyffhäuserreich.” With this, we wanted to express our connection to our homeland, the mythical Kyffhäuser mountain range in northern Thuringia. According to legend, Emperor Barbarossa, an incarnation of Wotan, sleeps in an underground castle while ravens circle the mountain. Every hundred years, he sends a dwarf to check if the ravens are still there. Only when an eagle replaces the ravens will the Emperor awaken to liberate and unite the realm.

Based on this legend, DMD wrote five songs, but they were not recorded at the time. JFN had to go into exile at the end of 1999, and although DMD promised Wolf with a handshake the following year that “Kyffhäuserreich” would still happen (Heldentum recorded their songs the same year, which were released twenty years later as “Das Vermächtnis”), “Kyffhäuserreich” has remained a dream until now. This will soon change!

All five songs for “Kyffhäuserreich,” along with two songs intended for “Blutgericht” but not included on the album, will finally be heard 25 years after their creation and the idea for this release. This will also close this chapter in Absurd’s band history. The Emperor will awaken, and the Reich will return!

Zu Rotbart stehen wir in Treu’ und allezeit bereit,
dem Reiche haben wir uns einst in Stahl und Blut geweiht.

Der Kaiser in dem Berge
Das Schwert
Der erste Schnee
Tod durch das Schwert
(Bonus) Volksaufstand
(Bonus) Im Glanz des Sonnenrades