Als die Alten jung noch waren

Twenty-five years ago, DMD and JFN came together for the last time to record an album together for Absurd: “Asgardsrei.” With this, they aimed to express a pan-Germanic concept that was also being realized at the same time by the Allgermanische Heidnische Front, founded by Varg Vikernes in Norway. “Asgardsrei” became a significant cornerstone of the young NSBM (National Socialist Black Metal) movement, and since then, this album has been re-released in many variations and formats.

Now, there is a special anniversary edition of “Asgardsrei” on CD, complete with a 24-page booklet containing all the song lyrics and essays from the original release printed in both German and English. Gloria Germania!

However, it’s important to issue a warning about a current counterfeit version of “Asgardsrei.” This CD comes with subpar packaging: it either lacks lyrics or has censored lyrics, and it also includes manipulated photos of the band. Fortunately, this counterfeit is not widespread, and it can be easily distinguished from the official and legitimate “Asgardsrei” CD. If you happen to come across this counterfeit, it is recommended to return the CD to the seller and request a refund!