Interview with Wehrwolf (2022)

Q: Greetings and thank you very much for your interest in this interview! The album “Schwarze Bande” was released relatively quietly, and therefore surprisingly, and has not only caused enthusiasm in the scene, but also astonishment, especially regarding the line-up of the band, since Wolf and Unhold, who were more known but less active as ABSURD over the last years, are no longer part of the current line-up, but you have recorded the album with one or the other guest musician. Since Wolf is active now since 2019 with the band DER TOD UND DIE LANDSKNECHTE and Unhold with GRAND BELIALS KEY as well as with the label World Terror Committee, there will probably have been less and less time for ABSURD. In addition, to explain this reasons concerning the line-up of the band to the last doubters, I’ll let you have your word about it!

A: Hails! Well, there are no guest- or session-musicians in Absurd right now, because we have a solid and full line-up since a few years and together we started rehearsing and recording “Schwarze Bande” in 2021/2022. Concerning the previous line-up, well, it is as you said yourself: Neither Unhold nor Wolf wanted to carry on with Absurd, and thus the band ceased to exist in all but name until I have decided to return to active duty in the band that I am a founding member of. Unhold did the last recordings with Absurd in 2008, and he played the last concert with the band in 2012. At this point Wolf still wanted to continue, even announcing a new album “Ad Astra Cruentus”, but to no avail. Hence, he said to Alexey / Militant Zone in 2017 that he’s done with Absurd, for good. This situation compelled me to act, and thus I have reformed Absurd in the same year by starting to play a number of concerts in Ukraine, Finland, Italy and France, and recording / releasing the long-awaited new and sixth full-length album “Schwarze Bande” not long after. As you said, Wolf is busy with his new band DTUDLK and Unhold has finally managed to deliver the new album of GBK, too. Everyone is occupied with his own bands and projects, with mine being Absurd as a matter of course.

Q: The album was musically rather a step back to times to “Facta Loquuntur” and “Asgardsrei” which was also received relatively positive in the scene. Also the entire concept of the music, the lyrics as well as the design can really be seen as successful. The album starts with an intro “Marsch aus dem Untergang” which also includes a passage from the radio-broadcast of the former organization Werwolf and then goes into the song “Eiserne Garde”, which is also a kind of tribute to these resistance fighters, which was also the last contingent of the Reich. It should also be mentioned that Corneliu Codreanu also called his movement “Eiserne Garde”. Now Werwolf is not equal to Wehrwolf, which can lead to confusion from time to time. Werwolf was, as mentioned, the resistance organization in the last few months and weeks of the Third Reich. Wehrwolf, on the other hand, a novel by Hermann Löns, as well as a few years later a formed association during the Weimar Republic, which was later incorporated into the SA. What fascinated you most about the name We(h)rwolf? Because also in the artwork of the album and the design one finds also again the Wolfsangel, a symbol that played a special role also with the Werwolf, Wehrwolf and for Löns.

A: Thank you for taking the time to ponder at the meaning of the new album, because I really wanted to give the listener food for thought beyond the “listening pleasure”, so to speak. From my point of view, the intro as well as the first two tracks (“Eiserne Garde” as well as “Fememörder”) can be considered as one chapter. The intro combines the final broadcast of the German Reichssender, announcing the surrender of the German Wehrmacht, as well as the broadcast of the underground Radio Werwolf calling on German resistance against the occupying forces. It’s kind of an echo from the abyss, a conflicting message conceding defeat but also promising vengeance. “Eiserne Garde” tells of young volunteers who fought vigilantly for the greater glory of the Reich, but their struggle was in vain because no matter how many times they win on the battlefield, still they will lose everything in the end. That leads to “Fememörder”, when former soldiers returning home want to punish the traitors who backstabbed those fighting in the war. In their thirst for vengeance, they know no bounds, until they become enemies of all men even dreaded by God. The Wolfsangel is a fitting symbol, because for once it represents a clandestine vigilante militia protecting their neighborhood without having legal jurisdiction to do so, but it also stands for those who turn into beasts, monsters and werewolves themselves, driven by a mad thirst of blood, until they are hunted down and purged from human society. Surely you are familiar with the tale of Michael Kohlhaas? That’s also what I have had in mind, you know. He was someone who was unjustly wronged, and he finds no remedy for his grievance until he takes justice in his own hands. By doing so, he slowly but surely turns into a warlord and tyrant himself. Even those who felt sympathy for his plight start to abandon him, and to turn against him at last. He can’t let go of his fanaticism and his single-minded pursuit of a day of reckoning, though. In the end he is meeting his doom all alone, but there are many like him in history and even today. This fluid borderline between hero and villain keeps fascinating me, because even though they are the same person it is still possible to judge them one way or another, depending on how you look at them. The same happened to our grandfathers and Great-grandfathers fighting for Germany in the 20th century, by the way. Heroes to some, villains to others! Unlike others who subscribe to the concept of dichotomy, I don’t believe in dualism that would separate the profoundly “evil” from the thoroughly “good”. Life is all about a moral grey zone in the end, and the road to hell is paved with good intentions!

The Wolfsangel … represents a clandestine vigilante militia protecting their neighborhood without having legal jurisdiction to do so, but it also stands for those who turn into beasts, monsters and werewolves themselves, driven by a mad thirst of blood.

JFN 2022

Q: Already in the past the old ABSURD records have been re-released in different versions and album-designs by some different labels like IG Farben, Schwarzburg Produktionen, Robber Baron Enterprises and others. But, what’s about the connection with the Weltenfeind-label? Over there on their homepage that claims to be the official site of ARGHOSLENT, CRUCIFIER, GRAND BELIAL’S KEY as well as ABSURD and they also distribute various releases.

A: Absurd have always worked with many different labels, and will most likely keep doing that in future, but we are in no way affiliated to People who want to buy our records can find them at many places all over the world, though. We really want to make sure that our records stay in print and can be easily obtained by anyone.

Q: What about the box-set “Der ewige Krieg” which Hammer of Damnation released in this year? This box set will probably have been released mostly for the North and South American market. Will there also be a European release of this box?

A: In the year 2022, Absurd can look back at a band history as well as discography of 30 years. Hence, we wanted to celebrate this anniversary with a special box release titled “Der Ewige Krieg / The Eternal War”. Inside this box release you’ll find almost everything that was ever recorded for and with Absurd from 1992 until 2017, i.e. every demo as well as every album, mini album and EP. In addition, a whole lot of bonus stuff was added, e.g. unreleased songs, studio rehearsals, rough mixes, alternative versions. On top of that, you’ll find there the (German) audio podcast that I did in 2014, “Rise of the Tyrants”, talking about the history of Absurd and sharing insights and background information that might be of interest to some fans. “Der Ewige Krieg” marks the end of one era, whereas “Schwarze Bande” heralds the beginning of a new one. In Europe, the box set is currently available from Dark Hidden Productions.

Q: Music can connect, evoke the most different emotions in us, but can also inform and inspire us, and more. Black Metal, a music genre, a sub-genre and sub-culture that has reached the mainstream more and more in the mid- and late of the 1990s. There was also more and more the time in which the Black Metal merged with the nationalistic Weltanschauung, to become the so-called NSBM. There were bands for example like ABSURD of course, SPEAR OF LONINUS, PANTHEON, CAPRICORNUS, FULLMOON, WAR 88 and some others… I can still remember relatively well when I heard for the first time about NSBM and ABSURD, that was back then in a television report I think, around 1998 or 1999 where someone reported on the dangers of this music. But I didn’t pay much attention to NSBM or even to Black Metal in combination with German lyrics at that time, the interest came just a bit later… Can you bring some light into the darkness from when the term NSBM was officially used for the first time?

A: Yes, of course. The term “NSBM” was introduced on the first “The Night & The Fog – A Tribute to National Socialist Black Metal”-compilation in 1999. Around the same time, I wrote an essay for the Paganfront, in which I have explained what NSBM was supposed to be all about. The idea was not to infuse Black Metal with political content, but instead, to insulate the Black Metal-underground from the increasing commercialization of the genre at that time. Mind you, between 1992 and 1997, Black Metal-bands were persona non grata to the Metal-mainstream, and all the major labels and mailorders refused to sign and to sell any Black Metal-bands, at all. However, this situation gradually changed when more and more bands, preferably from Norway and Sweden, started to forsake their former radical outlook and extreme image in favour of high-profile record deals and live shows at big festivals. We wanted to draw a line, and the most effective way of doing it was through highlighting our dedication to Nationalsocialism, if not in lyrics, then at least in statements. On this compilation, you find bands that never embraced NS in their music or lyrics, but still they too deemed it imperative to be on this release for the sake of making Black Metal dangerous again. A lot of things can easily be incorporated in Western pop culture, but NS will never belong there. No matter how good the music, any mainstream record label will refuse to sign a band that is affiliated to NS in some form or shape. Hence, NSBM was a reactionary movement supposed to keep Black Metal away from the mainstream, for good. As we know, this didn’t work out very well but still, for Black Metal it was important, nonetheless.

Q: What connection did you saw or do you see in Black Metal as a music-genre and the historical National Socialism as Weltanschauung?

A: Let me just quote myself from the previously mentioned essay for the Paganfront, back in 1999: “NSBM is a refined tool of agitation and propaganda. It is only now that music does not longer serve any petty purpose such as entertainment but is employed to compel the audience to take action. NSBM is a call to arms! While the sporadic violence of the “Black Circle” can be explained as discharge of overpowering archetypal dynamics by those concerned; the NSBM – activist is deliberately striking at will, in the full awareness of cause and effect. As rightly comprehended National Socialism is the supreme synthesis of Aryan archetypes and Aryan awareness, the NSBM is the equally supreme synthesis of revolutionary zeal and radical philosophy. It is NSBM that marks the logical conclusion of a movement set in motion by “A Blaze in the Northern Sky” (thirty) years ago. Those who perceive NSBM as just another “music-genre” know nothing of it. NSBM is the audible quintessence of the born-again National Socialism, and as such dramatically opposed to any definition that ignores the archetypal roots of Black Metal to begin with. NSBM is once again asking: ‘Do you want total war?!’”

Q: You mentioned the Paganfront, what happened to it? Since for a while already the web-page is no longer active and not much more activities are known. 

A: Since it always was more of a network than a real-life organisation, it so happened that many previously affiliated labels and bands either disappeared or continued on their own. There wasn’t any particular breakdown or falling out, though. Perhaps the Paganfront will rise again someday, if there are people who want to follow up on the legacy of this notorious network.

Q: In 2013 the book “Come lupi tra le pecore: storia e ideologia del black metal nazionalsocialista” came out, and two years later it got an English edition with “Wolves among Sheep: History and Ideology of National Socialist Black Metal”. I think there is also an edition in French and in Russian. For a German translation was made some time ago also some promotion. Do you know what happened to the idea of a German publication of the book?

A: I am sure it is still coming one day or another, even though the content of the book is grossly outdated by now and it would warrant a second and updated edition. For instance, many bands refused to participate on the book, because they did not know who’s behind it. Hence, the authors had to rely on open and public sources and not everything you find on Metal Archives or Wikipedia can be deemed correct, alas. Even I was not going to reply to them until my good friend Colonello told me the guys are ok and act in good faith. Only then I have agreed to be interviewed for their book, and now I am glad I did. It’s mandatory reading material for anyone interested in Black Metal per se, and NSBM in particular.

Q: In the scene or even in the national movement, there is not only unity, but also a lot of envy, resentment, or even disagreement. Perhaps you too faced a lot of such negative experiences during the last 30 years, besides of good ones too, which is part of life in some ways. Of course, even more so if one stands more or less in the public and so called spotlight. Life consists of our own decisions and actions, and it is also part of it that one regrets some step or would rather have done something differently. But life goes on… Your life and the past, your projects and plans, etc., all this could certainly be written down in a big book as a kind of biography. Have you ever thought about taking a different path, or trying to settle more down and live more a quieter life? Like Varg of BURZUM for example.

Q: I do not believe that Varg is having a quiet life, considering he’s got a handful of little children to take care of. 😉 Anyway, I am someone who rarely feels remorse (and if I do, it’s not for long either) but I keep looking forward and try to cope with life and fate as good as I can. Amor fati! It’s a moot notion to contemplate “what if” in your own biography, because if you really want to change something about your life you are usually free to do so. All it takes is a decision to be made, but the problem for many is that they either dread or ignore the consequences of such decision. That’s when they start looking for scapegoats they can blame for their own failures and fallacies. I strongly detest this pathetic attitude! Be that as it may, you already said yourself that the “movement” is far from being unified and there’s plenty of infighting going on, driven by envy or else, but in this regard the “movement” just mirrors society as a whole. Mankind is not made for peace, unity and harmony. Homo homini lupus! That’s how it was, is, and will be.

Mankind is not made for peace, unity and harmony. Homo homini lupus! That’s how it was, is, and will be.

JFN 2022

Q: In one of your articles from beginning of the 21. century, “The Death of the West”, you discussed how the White Europeans are facing physical and cultural extinction. Now over 20 years later, with the countless waves of migration that still continue, the ever decreasing birth rate of the White and native population and of course the other dangers and degenerate influences to which one is exposed every day as a citizen, as a worker or as a family, how would you describe the even further deteriorated condition of the Western world or, indeed, of the White population?

A: I wished I could be optimistic, and in my own personal life that’s what I am, but I am also an ardent believer in the cyclical nature of time and history, and I have no doubt that we do indeed live through the final stage of decline that will inevitably usher mankind into a New Aeon forged in the world’s burning. The most striking evidence for Kali Yuga is the absence of Godhead in our world, and I am not just talking about the West so obsessed with materialism. We may be fooled by the abundance of religious doctrine and practice, be it evangelical Christians in the American Midwest or pious Muslims in Central Europe, but religious fundamentalism and dogmatism never equal genuine spirituality and of the latter we have next to nothing, no matter where we look in our day and age. As the legend goes, in the Golden Age the Gods walked among men on earth. When the Gods vanished and left men to their own devices, the latter kept looking for ways to be reconciled with the Gods. They kept striving for Godhead and for a long time, the only legitimacy for anything created by men was to be derived from the Gods. The Gods bestowed charisma on divine rulers set out to build a kingdom of heavens, for instance. Divinity was like a fourth dimension in the world, permeating everything and everyone. You couldn’t see it, but you knew and felt that all things could transcend to this fourth dimension; that iron could indeed be turned to gold; that the mundane was just superficial and would give way to the divine if you just knew how to look at it the proper way. Now most if not all of it is gone for good. The Gods are dead, and their divinity does not shine upon the world no more. Yes of course, you can still catch a glimpse of it every now and then. But this is an individual experience. On the collective level, the ability to transcend is lost. But without transcendence, mankind is doomed. We live in an increasingly hostile and alien environment, in a hell of our own making, where nothing is sacred anymore. Sure, men have been through dark times aplenty. But now there is no divine grace to save our souls. Degeneration and degradation can and will proceed unimpeded, with mankind devouring itself until there is only the last man alone with God. The last man who becomes God. The last God. In the meantime, we are exposed to the utterly corrosive and corrupt nature of Kali Yuga very much like the Astronaut being exposed to the fatal radiation, biting cold and absent oxygen in outer space. He as well as we can only just survive, with our life hanging by a thread.

We live in … a hell of our own making, where nothing is sacred anymore. (…) Degeneration and degradation can and will proceed unimpeded, with mankind devouring itself until there is only the last man alone with God. The last man who becomes God. The last God.

JFN 2022

Q: Now we live in a time in which the reporting and media effectiveness can inform or disinform, influence and affect people to an innumerable degree. The so called enemy of the nations works in the most different domains and on the most different stages to destabilize the populations and nations more and more, to create crises, to find planned solutions, to modify the laws and finally to implement their plans. What do you think is the most useful and effective way to stand against it and resisting this?

A: Turn off TV, don’t read newspapers, and stay away from social media. But if you can’t or don’t want to, then rely on your own common sense instead of taking for granted what others, employed by news corporations owned by few wealthy individuals and families, tell you. Never trust any official narrative! The powers-that-be have an agenda that is hostile to you and your kin, and if it’d be up to them, they’d love to brainwash you and keep you deaf, dumb and blind. Get used to being lied to by those who make the news, and try to search for the truth elsewhere. Most of all, connect with others and together you may try to build your own independent infrastructures that can hopefully elude the control of the powers-that-be.

Q: In the late 1990s/early 2000s, when you were in the U.S., you were also able to meet Dr. William Pierce of the National Alliance. What lasting and impressive memories do you have of Pierce, the National Alliance, and the movement in the U.S. at that time?

A: He and I were in touch already before my “Escape from ZOGermany”, because he was very interested in pursuing his agenda of using music to promote White Nationalism in America and beyond. Neither RAC nor Black Metal were to his personal liking, because he preferred classical music for all I know, yet he understood there’s potential for the National Alliance in the music-related subcultures. Hence, he offered me to help him reaching out to the Black Metal-scene and spread his gospel among the underground. From June until August 2000, I have lived and worked at the former National Alliance-compound in West Virginia. This was a vast place including forest and mountaintop, but only a tiny fraction was cultivated for housing and storage facilities. In their prime days, the National Alliance knew a membership of approx. 2k worldwide, and I used to joke with Dr. Pierce that he has a “Raum ohne Volk” but we in Europe have a “Volk ohne Raum”, i.e. for any White Nationalist movement in Europe it is pretty much impossible to own a property as big as the National Alliance-compound even though we have tens of thousands of activists, whereas the National Alliance owned this huge piece of land but could never manage to have more than a dozen people living and working there. Dr. Pierce was a workaholic who spent long hours in the office, reading newspapers and online media, replying to emails, having phone conversations and writing his speeches for the weekly broadcasts he used to record in the home studio at the compound. Every now and then I visited him in his office, and we used to talk about a lot of things, from history to politics and (counter)culture. Behind his office, he kept his private library with plenty rare books from the Third Reich that he used to buy off the Library of Congress when he lived near Washington, D.C., and he asked me to help translating some so he could re-publish them via National Vanguard. Dr. Pierce always struck me as profoundly European in his characteristics and habits, he was as much scholar as he was gentleman, but his type is even in Europe an almost extinct breed. Hence, he was out of place in the USA that I have witnessed first-hand for almost 2 years, from the Pacific West in Washington State all the way to below the Mason-Dixon-Line in Richmond, Virginia. I am sure that given more time and opportunity, I could have helped Dr. Pierce a lot more but my arrest by the US-Marshals took place in August 2000, I have never met him again and he died two years later.

Q: Back to ABSURD! The upcoming Ep’s “Berserks of the Asgardsrei” with EVIL and “Sieben Tage des Feuers / Toi may chung ta se den” with VOTHANA will be released soon. When can we expect another full-length album? And what happened to the idea for the concept-album “Die eiserne Zeit” that you mentioned in the first issue of Frontmagazin? The concept reflects in a way the story of Harm Wulf from Hermann Löns “Der Wehrwolf”, which was also a story in the 30th-year war.

A: The two 7” vinyls that you have mentioned ought to be released by the time you publish this issue of your fanzine, and right now we are working on a mini album with five new songs that’s coming in early 2023. Afterwards we are looking into options to play live, before we start working on a next full- length album. I have not abandoned the concept of “Die Eiserne Zeit”, but time will tell when andhow it can be manifested on an album we have yet to record.