Der Ewige Krieg

Celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Tyrants of German Black Metal, here is the ultimate CD box set including:

CD 01 / 02 – Life Beyond the Grave
CD 03 – Facta Loquuntur
CD 04 /05 – Asgardsrei – original + remix by Thomas Tannenberger (Abigor)
CD 06 – Werwolfthron
CD 07 – Wolfskrieger
CD 08 / 09 – Raubritter / Grimmige Volksmusik
CD 10 / 11 – Totenlieder + podcast pt 01
CD 12 / 13 – Blutgericht + instrumental
CD 14 / 15 – Weltenfeind + podcast pt 02
CD 16 / 17 – Der Fünfzehnjährige Krieg + CD bonus

In the year 2022, Absurd can look back at a band history as well as discography of 30 years. Hence, we wanted to celebrate this anniversary with a special box release titled “Der Ewige Krieg / The Eternal War”. Inside this box release you’ll find almost everything that was ever recorded for and with Absurd from 1992 until 2017, i.e. every demo as well as every album, mini album and EP.

In addition, a whole lot of bonus stuff was added, e.g. unreleased songs, studio rehearsals, rough mixes, alternative versions.

On top of that, you’ll find there the (German) audio podcast that JFN did in 2014, “Rise of the Tyrants”, talking about the history of Absurd and sharing insights and background information that might be of interest to some fans.

“Der Ewige Krieg” marks the end of one era, whereas “Schwarze Bande” heralds the beginning of a new one.