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Leben ist Krieg, Krieg ist Leben!
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For our “Sieben Tage des Feuers”-EP, we have published two new shirt designs featuring artwork of our friend Yag Mort. One shows the nuclear epiphany in the moment of sudden and severe autophagy, when the human body is exposed to a lethal dose of radiation, and the other shows the divine power of the nuclear flash that can undo the process of creation by tearing apart the human cell nucleus. What once was made, can be made undone! Available in sizes from S to 3XL, professional silkscreen print.
The much acclaimed mini album “Grimmige Volksmusik”, our unique take on traditional German folk songs, is now re-released as a stand-alone MCD resembling the original release from 2005. Available on digipak format.

Along with this release, a new shirt design was made available: “Wodanaz”. Direct-To-Garment print on B&C E190 shirts, available in sizes from S to 3XL.
Our sophomore album “Asgardsrei” was always supposed to be a call to arms, rallying warriors of Germanic descent and Nordic blood under the banner of the Greater Germanic Reich. This Reich is as much a spiritual as a political one, and it was the historical fate of the Germans to always fight for the former but forfeit the latter. Life is war and war is life; no matter how many mortal men will fall in battle, the Asgardsrei remains undefeated forever!

“Leben ist Krieg, Krieg ist Leben” is now available on B&C E190 shirts, in sizes from S to 3XL. Direct-To-Garment print. Fighting under the watchful Eye of Wotan!
On this very day fifteen years ago, February 1st 2008, Absurd have travelled to Finland for the first time ever. The band joined the infamous “Carelian Pagan Madness”-mini tour organized by Furore Finnum as headliner, taking place in Tampere and Turku respectively. The other bands performing were Der Stürmer, Satanic Warmaster, and Goatmoon (Turku only).

At the end of the concert, long-time fan and friend Niklas G. from Sweden joined Absurd on stage for guest vocals in our classic song “Gates of Heaven”. Later in the same year he would contribute his vocals to the “Gates of Heaven” – bonus song that was added to the vinyl edition of “Der fünfzehnjährige Krieg”.

It was an amazing night that even made the news on the Finnish national TV; and in 2015, four songs of this concert were released on the “Live & Raw in the North” – 7″EP, the only official live record by Absurd prior to the recently released “Berserks of the Asgardsrei”-SplitEP with Evil.

Januarsendung 2023
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Januar-Sendung 2023

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Our long-time friend Antichrist Kramer has contributed three artworks to Absurd; one for “Facta Loquuntur”, another one for “Asgardsrei”, and last but not least also the one for our latest album “Schwarze Bande”. All three albums are now re-released as limited jewelcase editions, with “Asgardsrei” featuring the unedited original version of “Sonnenritter” (composed and recorded by JK and RP, with lyrics by JFN) as bonus song.
The final album still done by Wolf and Unhold, “Blutgericht”, is now re-released as CD with one bonus song from the same studio session. The music for this song was already recorded in 2005, but not sooner than in 2014 was “Größer als der Tod” completed by Wolf recording his vocals too. Available on digipak format. Comes with booklet featuring all lyrics and the renowned artwork of Njard.
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Schicke, personalisierte Sammlerstücke, demnächst mehr bei Frontmagazin // www.frontmagazin.de und Punikoff hört rein // https://punikoff.wordpress.com/
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Zur Versteigerung kommt der Räubersack von der ABSURD "Totenlieder". Der beidseitig bedruckte Sack enthält das Album, einen Button sowie die Limitierungskarte. Das Ganze ist auf nur 5 Exemplare limitiert und nummeriert! Hier gibt es die Nummer 2.

Die Einnahmen gehen vollständig an eine inhaftierten Kameraden und seine Familie.

Schreibt euer Gebot einfach als Kommentar hier drunter. KEINE DISKUSSIONEN oder anderes, NUR ERNST GEMEINTE GEBOTE! Die Versteigerung läuft bis Sonntag, den 28.05.2023, 20.00 Uhr. (Gebote die genau 20.00 Uhr eingehen zählen noch).
When JFN was forced into exile in late 1999, and DMD refused to carry on with Absurd despite the explicit wish of JFN, it was up to Wolf to take care of the band not only in his former role as “manager” but now as vocalist too. With the approval of JFN, he reformed the Absurd line-up in 2001 and together with Unhold he went to the studio recording “Werwolfthron” – a comeback album featuring songs and lyrics originally written by DMD and JFN in the 1990ties. Many of the songs later to be found on “Werwolfthron” were supposed to be recorded for “Facta Loquuntur” in the first place, hence it is safe to say both records belong together like the two sides of the same coin.

The album title was an idea of Rob Darken, who kindly gave permission to Absurd to use it instead. Now “Werwolfthron” is made available on digipak format.
It was 15 years ago when JFN, just recently released from jail once more, came up with the idea of Absurd recording and releasing a compilation of fourteen songs once written during the first ten years of band history. These songs were previously recorded under subpar conditions which obscured their true potential by poor sound and performance. Be that as it may, we consider them as some of our best songs ever, and for the sake of showing their true qualities we decided to record them once again. In addition, one new song as well as a cover song were recorded for this release.

“Der fünfzehnjährige Krieg” was greeted with enthusiasm and praise from our fans, and now we make this compilation available as a black edition with two bonus songs (featuring our Swedish friends Niklas and Erik). Available on digipak format. Comes with booklet featuring all lyrics.
V/A "Tribute to ABSURD" LP / INFERNUS ZINE - The Ultimate Blasphemy HARDCOVER BOOK: https://tinyurl.com/y4p3y8fx